Gudhjem, Bornholm

I am not sure it is wise to admit or if it even makes any sense to anyone but me, I feel obliged to though.
I have a thing, photographically speaking, for doorways.
I tend to take pictures of doorways no matter where I go.
They pique my curiosity, I am free to make up small mental stories of people living there, guess as to why and how they live or just plain ponder on why people decorate them the way they do.

Doorways are orderly subjects too, closed, but with strong lines and more or less sharp angles, often contrasting colours to create contrasts and small signs of living often parked just outside.

All of these doorways will eventually make into a gallery of their own on my homepage, but for now I will leave you with this yellow/red/green doorway combination from Gudhjem on Bornholm.

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