Documenting family life

On december 2015 I became a dad for the first time and fair to say it completely change my life, in a good way. Every parent in the world have gone through that revelation, so let us not delve too long or much with the diaper changes, lack of sleep, inexplicable joy of every tiny new thing our off-springs are doing.
One of the many gifts we as parents are able to give our children is in my opinion a set of images from birth to becoming a young adult.
I know that my own photo album holding images from my childhood is among my most cherished possessions, a sentimental value increasing as time go by

Beach life

Already during pregnancy I did as a photographer spend way too much time probably, thinking through this important aspect of growing up and on the state of our digital reality.

New life beginnings
More pictures are probably taken on a daily basis right now than ever before, many are shared instantly online, to be cherished for a short moment and instantly forgotten or worse yet slowly disappearing as internet platforms merge or disappear, memory cards, phones, computers and hard drives, and various other storage media fade or fall apart.
Todays generations are by far the most photographed, but precious few will have any photographs left 10 years from now.

Lunch time nap
One of the very conscious decisions I made was to continue shooting film and to make sure a film camera has been and will be used to document our life with our son for as long as possible.
The other has been a dedication to continue printing images from our life and cataloging these postcard sized prints.

Summer memories
It is my way of ensure that our son is a lot more likely to have a record of his childhood available and images of his life with his parents as he grow older or as we fade away.
What I cannot help to wonder is how much of this deliberate thinking and decision making is brought on by the fact that I work with photography and thus perhaps place too much emphasis and importance on it. It is worth giving some thought regardless of whom you are I think.

Wine Country
So whether you are a film photographer doing darkroom wet prints or someone just rocking a cell phone, take this as a perhaps unwanted advise to print a tiny bit of those images for your own and your children's sake.

Winter moments
Photographic family memories are not judged by technical quality, but by sentimental value and emotional connection.
And no the irony of me writing a digital post on the subject is most definitely not lost on me ;)

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