Runners High

Runners high
This morning, as I came in from a gourgeous mountain run in the hills behind Ajaccio, Corsica, I was flooded with memories from my many running adventures and experiences in Greenland. Today was a warm spring run, where as most of my favourite running experiences from Greenland are from winter time.
Artic Winter is not a place or time typically associated with running. Temperatures dropping below -15C, thick snow cover, what pavement you can find covered in thick ice.
Often it will be But in reality it is a perfect set of conditions for those magic moments that will stay with you forever.

The image above is from one of the most magic runs I have ever had and a genuine magic moment in life too.

Location is the Unesco world heritage listed Ilulissat Icefiord, it was a November afternoon, just around sunset and temperature a freezing ´-17.
It was one of those moments where silence, solitude,  light and nature stopped time and took my breath away.

My point with sharing this image? - I dont know... Perhaps to remind you to pack your running shoes when going to Greenland - Or better yet; just to go to Greenland!
Amazing and Magic Moments awaits, with or without running shoes :)

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