Thoughts on London

Right now I am at a bustling Airport Cafe at Lodon Gatwick Airport.
I am just gonna be here for a couple of hours meeting a potential customer and then 6 hours of waiting, leaving plenty of time for reflections and a travel down memory lane.

Do mind the gap

London is packed with memories for me and have provided me with locations for some gorgeous images over the years.
It remain one of my favourite cities in Europe.
Multicultural, impeccable language and a perfect blend of Polished English culture, heritage ad metropolitan grime.

One can in a matter of a few steps go from Royal history, past stunning city vistas, through gorgeous open parks, to shady narrow alleyways in litterally minutes or spend hours in one of the many museums and galleries.What is not to like?

I am already looking forward to a longer stay.
London at sunset

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