Paris - City of emotions

A most famous tower
Tomorrow it is time to return to Paris.
A city I have visited so many times I have lost count, yet also a city tied to so many memories good, bad and in between.
A proposal in moonlight by The Seine, the first travel destination with our son, countless business trips, museum and gallery visits and countless hours spend taking in the vibe of the city and photographing, landmarks, streets and its people.
Under the bridge

It is a truly photographic city but also one of the most photographed ones.
Thus anyone travelling to Paris with the dream of coming home with that one unique image, will need to look hard.
Personally Paris is not and never has been about price winning images.
It is about culture, emotion and vibe.

Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre

Weekend kit
 The list of places to see is surprisingly short, Montmartre is always a stop on our list as is the Bastille area and Latin quarter.
We will of course stroll by a few of the top landmarks, such as Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, Louvre and the like, but core focus of the weekend will be family time.
spending time doing nothing and watch Paris float by, while enjoying a lazy glass of red wine.
As any photographer I will naturally be bringing a camera.
Well 3 of them actually and a few rolls of film.
A Clack for a few carefully selected frames, hopefully playing to its strengths, the A SLR for documentation and a Pentax auto 110, just because I have some ASA 100 110 format black and white film and it is such a cute and tiny SLR.
It is liberating to know that the photographic results are not really important, we are going to spend family time, but two photographers living together cannot really travel without photography playing a role :)

Thanks for reading :)

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