Happy New Year :)

Confetti happiness :)
New Years, a new beginning or perhaps just a continuation of the years before.

Whether one see it as just another calendar day or as an important checkmark for reflection and reevaluation of ones direction in life professionally and personally is not important to me personally.

Right here and right now it is an opportunity to share an image from 5 minutes in the studio with my son, where we had a ball with heaps of confetti, so in so many ways a slice of a random happy moment in life.

If I were to have a New Year Resolution, it would be to enjoy life more.
Enjoy and cherish my family, my friends, the photographic moments alongside it and what life throws at me in general.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading :)



What Christmas is all about (to me)

Christmas, for me, is first and foremost about Family, about appreciating and spending time with the people dearest and closest to me.

It is however also a time for reflection and appreciation.

All I want for Christmas

last year at Christmas we received the greatest gift of all - the gift of life - in the shape of our first son. 
While he may not have been delivered by Santa, but rather by my wonderful better half Christina, becoming a parent and in my case a Dad is certainly a gift of love, responsibility, and a continuous lesson in patience and self-control :)
From a photographic point of view, I have experienced a new and refined or perhaps intensified set of emotions related to images, both my own and the images of others.
My photography has always worked the best when a deep emotional connection between me and the subject matter existed.
My countless Greenland Images are a perfect example of images becoming successful thanks to a deep connection between subject matter and photographer, translating to stronger images.
Over the last year I have experienced a feeling towards the subject that completely force out any technical, compositional or otherwise subjective quality in an image, where no matter how objectively unsuccessful an image it may be, my son being in it makes it valuable by different set of standards. I know it from other people I love, but not as intense in raw emotion as with my son.
A valuable lesson, both as a Dad, a human being and a photographer.
By the Christmas Tree

Looking back at two of my favourite Christmas images from last year, they crystallise some of the unexplainable and magical feelings that now forever is tied to Christmas for me.
Technically imperfect and lacking, but emotionally they strike something so deep in me it really do not matter. Enforcing Christmas as a time where love, compassion and family is all that matters.
All left is to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas :)


3 years has gone - how to restart a blog?

"Summer field"

It has been 3 years, 4 months and 16 days since my last blog post or in internet speech - Forever!

Much has happened since then. I have moved from the most beautiful island in the world - Greenland back to Copenhagen in Denmark, become a father to an amazing son. A son turning one today actually.

But I have also been through a photographic turmoil from an artistic and personal point of view.

Thus many things individually would likely have caused me to temporarily pause my postings, but the combination and chain of events ccasued this +3 year blackout.

I am however back blogging with what i hope to be at least once a week and I have stories and topics to last for years.

Future posts will fall in one of 5 categories:

"Defining Images"
Focus on an individual image and how and where it fits into my photographic journey.
I will strive to keep it in a cronological order, but I cannot promise to be 100% successful.

Short stories or long reports on larger journeys from Greenland and the rest of the world.
Photography will likely play a signinficant role.

"Photographic Musings"
Thoughts on all things photographic of nature, topics related to photographic equipment, specific films, photographic genres, state of the industry. trends in my personal photography, etc.

"At Work"
Stories and blog posts related to professional photography work, be it wedding reports, aviation photography reports or stories from other assignments I feel involve a story fitting for this blog.
Alongside thoughts on working in the field of photography.

"A Random Image"
A single image with or without a short story I find fit for purpose of this blog.

 The image "summer field" is from around the time of my last post and a such an example of a random image and a warm pleasant memory on a cold winter evening.

The portrait of me is from a trip to the UK and quite fit for the topic of having been offline for 3 years,

The image "Frozen leaf" below is another random image, but a rather recent one, a  fallen leaf frozen and beautiful on in the cold shade on a cold morning. A rich combination of subtle colours, stark contrast and a multitude of textures.

Thanks for reading.

"Frozen leaf"