Have you ever considered...

What would happen if you fell off a mountain side?

What would happen if you were struck by a car while out running?

While it may be silly questions, then it is two questions that I have considered as a climber and runner.
I am sure you could all come up with your own questions and while not pleasant to think about, they all have one thing in common, you are likely going to either pass away or be critically injured if it happens...
And someone has to determine who you are!
Both to notify your loved ones and perhaps take certain precautions while doing what they can to save your life.

In normal life we carry our phone, wallet and other items that will most likely help determine our identity and whom to call, but what when one is out running,  or on a mountain bike on the trail, or hiking alone in the mountains, then what... I have so far been running with just my front door key in a string, which would make me nearly impossible to ID.
A friend and colleague introduced me to a very convenient solution – The RoadID:

Above is a classic “dog tag” type ID, suiting me better as I would not like to have something around my wrists or ankles when climbing. However the guys from RoadID have put a lot of effort into creating a style and carrying method suiting almost everyone.

I am sure you could make your own and that there are probably other vendors out there too, but that is not the point – the point is to carry one.


  1. Brilliant. I need something like that.

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    Glad you found my post useful.