The North Greenland Travel log

This 14 day adventure takes its innocent beginning in Nuuk the Capital of Greenland and our home.
It has been a long standing wish to go to the northernmost part of Greenland and to go see the unique part of the Greenlandic environment and culture rooted there.
 A 14 day arctic spring adventure, with destinations such as Qaanaaq, Whalrus hunters at the edge of the sea ice and Siorapaluk – the northernmost natural settlement in the world.
Arctic spring means daylight 24 hrs a day and temperatures between -20 and -30C. Something to bear in mind when planning for such a trip:)
The way home would very conveniently take us via Ilulissat, one of my favourite destinations in Greenland both summer and winter - A perfect opportunity for additional dogsledding action and an opportunity to visit friends.

The full image gallery from the journey can be found by clicking here

The log has the following 14 chapters:
Day 1 – Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat and Hotel Arctic
Day 2 – Arrival in Qaanaaq
Day 3 – Introductions and planning
Day 4 – Towards Herbert Island
Day 5 – To the edge ice
Day 6 – Siorapaluq (arctic paradise redefined)
Day 7 – The long way back
Day 8 – Resting up, “Kaffemik” and a nightly walk
Day 9 – Back to “civilization”
Day 10 – Preparations and blizzards
Day 11 – Dogsledding fun
Day 12 – The importance of research
Day 13 – All Sundays should be like this
Day 14 – Going home and reflections

I sincerely hope you will enjoy this log, the images going along with it and perhaps most of all, the introduction (or reintroduction) to Greenland as a winter travel destination.


  1. Really like this photo. captured very well. The whip is perfect composure! First class photo!

  2. Hi Andy,
    Finally back in town again.
    I greatly appreciate your kind compliments on the image, it is on of my favourites from this journey of ours.

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