Day 7 – The long way back

Waking up in the morning and knowing that in the evening you will be awarded with the first shower in four days is not bad - walking outside the tent and being greeted by a location among the most beautiful I have ever seen makes it nearly perfect.

We spend the morning walking the settlement again and browsing the small “Pilersuisoq” convenience store only to find it surprisingly well equipped, better equipped than we have seen in many other settlements actually.

Having packed up the camp we set out on the 6 hour sled ride to Qaanaaq, a smooth and beautiful ride in warm weather.

Half an hour into the tour we are passed by the settlement helicopter shuttle service, it makes for a beautiful contrast as the helicopter pass above the dogsleds.

As we arrived in Qaanaaq the hunter proudly announced “5 hours, very fast!” and we drive all the way to the sled yard where the driver quickly release the dogs to their respective sleeping areas and then runs off to pick up the car.

Sleds unpacked, Arkiunguaq drives us back to the hostel, or excuse for a hostel, where we are staying. We unpack and change into more ordinary winter clothing before heading down to “Pilersuisoq” to shop what we need for dinner.

 On our way back we make a stop at the real hostel for a long and warm shower, along with a change of clothes.

Back at “home” we prepare a very basic dinner of pearl barley, with vegetables, minced meat and paprika sauce, served with a nice cold can of beer.

In the evening we talk to the two friends having done a different route and trade stories, as they filter to bed we stay up and go through the images from our adventure slowly cooling down before heading to bed, exhausted after the adventure packed four days on the ice.

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