Day 3 – Planning and Shopping:

Waking up at 9 came easy as light has been pouring in the windows since we went to bed.
First stop was our standard breakfast of hot müsli stew and sweet chilli tea.

From here the trip went to the local hospital, Sabine the local Managing Nurse had agreed to equip us with the necessary outer layer of clothing for a multiple day dogsledding adventure.

In my case a pair of Polar Bear fur pants, as I have brought my own sledding anorak and arctic expedition boots.
 Louise was equipped with polar bear fur pants, a Rein deer fur sledding anorak and double layered “Kamikker”, a traditional inuit “soft boot” (in the lack of a better word), with an outer layer of thick seal skin, with a thick woollen sole and an inner “kamik” or “boot” made from thick lam skin with the fur on the inside. It literally made Louise look like what can best be described as a fur ball.

Having carried our newly borrowed clothes home, we met up with Arkiunnguaq, Tukummeq and Arii.
First interesting surprise was that we would be sledding with two professional hunters speaking Greenlandic only. Arkiunnguaq knew a few words, but that was it.
The planning was handled with Tukummeq translating between Danish and Greenlandic, which turned out to be totally problem free and very efficient.
The route was quickly agreed upon and we discussed food, clothing and other necessities for a good couple of hours. After which we felt confident that we knew what we had to do before heading out the following day.

We wrote up a detailed list of food needed and headed straight to “Pilarsuisoq” the local convenience store. Where we bought what we made the necessary compromises between what we needed and what was available. It was far from a perfect match, but a decent compromise considering the available options.

After having enjoyed a coup of hot chilli tea in the sun on the porch, the afternoon was spend repacking everything and in my case making sure that the photography gear was ready for four days of extreme cold where it would be running for 10 hours a day.
The evening was spend on the ice just close to the dog yards, to have an early warning should a polar bear decide to try to sneak up on me, pinning out a couple of carefully composed images of the gorgeous arctic evening light.
Back home the very final preparations was made and Just around 0100 hours we turned in for the night, so ready for the following 4 days worth of adventure.


  1. That's nice to have such clothing. But I prefer to use something like this http://poseidonexpeditions.com/about/expedition-parka/
    in my expeditions. It is warm and comfortable.

    1. Thanks for commenting Thomas,
      Looks like a very nice parka.
      Personally I prefer the anoraks made by the locals in Ilulissat for these kind of outings, but what we have come to realise is that local traditions often is more convenient than modern day products.
      And in this particular case add to the experience and the visiual story too :)
      Nothing beats polar fur pants when it is really cold however :)

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