Day 14 – Going home and reflections

I woke up early that morning, packed up the last stuff and made my way down to World of Greenland to let them know I was leaving and to hear the always pleasant “see you later this summer” words.

After that I hailed a cab was driven to the airport. The universal airport waiting time and the flying time from Ilulissat to Nuuk, I spend digesting the amazing adventures and it struck me that few people know what kind of adventures they miss out on when thinking of Greenland as a summer destination.

So much of the inuit culture and the magic of the arctic nature and the arctic light (or lack of) is tied closely with the winter and spring season.
Yes it is cold - yes it can be dark, but one arrives home with a new look on the arctic environment after a visit during winter. It becomes clear just how amazing it is that people have been able to make a living here and how incredibly tough the people still doing so the traditional way are.

Perhaps I am biased after countless arctic winter (and summer) adventures, alongside the good 5 years living here.
But had it not been for the trips during winter I would have missed out of one of the key aspects of Greenland;

“The extreme kindness and endurance of it people and the serene beauty of the brutal, yet fragile arctic environment.”

Thanks for reading.


  1. Such a beautiful post. Thoughts of home make me poignant, too. No matter that the only thing keeping me away is the bathroom remodeling nyc work going on.

  2. Thank you Eloifarr.
    Good luck with the remodelling.