Day 13 – All Sundays should be like this

I woke up after a dreamless night, which given the evening before made for a wonderful morning. The usual basic breakfast and hot chilli tea made me wake up fully and a quick talk with Laali confirmed that we would do a new round of pictures the following night, but much more relaxed ones, with just the purpose of showing a cute winter girl in arctic winter wonder light.
In other words just your basic outdoor portrait

After a long shower, I packed my bags for a walk, needed to confirm that the location in mind still looked good, which it did. Thus I made my way past Café Iluliaq for another lunch burger, before stopping by WOG.

Here I bumped into Ida and two of her friends and she invited the 3 of us on Coffee at her place. They needed to borrow a couple of petroleum cans for a hunting trip the following day.

After coffee Ida and I started a long talk on photography in general and in the context of ark history. She is an art history major and has a most interest approach both to how she sees images and I am confident that she will become a very capable artist one day.
From here it developed a most interest talk about the differences between drawing or painting and photography, as art forms and in terms of the different limitations and possibilities the two ways to express oneself has, mostly in the context of landscape painting and photography.
Afternoon became evening as sheets of paper was filled with sketches and we decided to walk to the Icy Café for and grab a bite, not to mention to continue our interesting conversation. We walked back to “New Gerner’s” from there, where Lalli was in the progress of getting ready for the nights shoot. I quickly readied the gear bags and the 3 of us got in the van and drove towards the hospital.

Here we parked the van, grabbed the gear and walked the last way towards the intended location for the shoot.
It was interesting to have Ida along for the shoot, she was bubbly and lively, fully of creative ideas, some of the possibly more suitable or an art project than what was the objective, but she definitely added value I think.

The shoot went exactly as planned and without hiccups or unpleasant surprise and with some decent images to show for it. Thanks Laali and Ida:)
The evening was spent preparing the necessary back up files and getting my bags packed up for the flight home the following day and I feel to sleep reflecting over this amazing adventure od ours now coming to an end

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