Day 12 – The importance of doing good research

One of the wonderful things about vacation is to be able to wake up and think, I have plenty of time and really not much to do and that is exactly how I woke up this very morning.

I got up a little late, had a basic breakfast and of course a cup of steaming hot chilli tea, wrote a little on this very travel log, before talking to Laali about the fun shoot planned for the evening.

Turned out we had most of the things covered pretty good, location was confirmed as OK, the weather forecast looked promising, the lighting and camera gear necessary was charged and working and Laali had clothing and make up covered.

Thus my only plans for the day was to come up with two alternate locations, in case the weather or the confirmed location turned us down and to make a stop at Café Iluliaq, as they serve the best lunch burger in town.

So I started my stroll around the Ilulissat area to see what my options were in terms of location, within a couple of hours I had found two excellent alternative locations, that done I made my way to café Iluliaq for my lunch burger and I was pleased to find as good as I remembered it to be.

I made a quick stop By Laali, just to say “Hi” and make sure she was in a good mood in advance of the shot planned for the night. From here I walked out to the Igloos at Hotel Arctic, just to check perspectives and expected position of the sun more detailed. Everything seemed in perfect order.
I made my way back to “New Gerner’s” for a very basic dinner.
 After dinner Laali and I talked make up, composition and posing through one last time before gathering everything, packing up the van and get on our way.

As we arrived at Hotel Arctic and got the key to the right Igloo, everything was perfect, sun was still a little high, but we still needed to set everything up, so not bad actually, even the timing seemed spot on.
Everything changed as we reached the Igloo though, it turned out that one tiny but extremely important detail had eluded my attention and that would prove to ruin the entire shoot.

As we put the key in the door and open it, we discover that the hinges are on the wrong side og the door.
Had the door like most other doors in greenland only been opening inwards then I would have been able to work around it, but as the hinges were placed on the left, we ended up with this huge aluminium door filling most of my frame, ruining the entire concept of the shot.
Had there been 24 Igloos then I might had been able to turn it into a fun Christmas calendar, but no chance of that either.
We completed the shoot and Laali did a superb job given the thin clothes and the -20C and windy conditions, but the images as they had been planned were ruined. We did get other very decent images though:)
I relearned the lesson of doing good thorough research that evening, on a fun shoot and not a paid shoot luckily, but not a fun evening photographically speaking.

After the shoot, I stopped by Espen’s place for a cup of warm coffee, to check out some of the recent video work he had done and to just hang out and talk shop.

I went to bed that night certain that I would be plagued by nightmares given the evenings failed shoot.

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