Day 10 – Preparations and blizzards

The following morning meant an early start and the traditional breakfast was replaced by just a cup of chilli tea, before following Louise to the Airport.
Outside a blizzard was raging and I had my serious concerns as to whether there would be any flights leaving on at all.
Check in was handled without any issues and board commenced as planned, jsut as the flight in spite of the blizzard raging outside took off on time, according to Louise the pilots even managed a fairly smooth and uneventful flight – Nice work Air Greenland.

I caught a cab back to the hostel, backed up my own bags and spend a little time working on this travel log, waiting for Espen to call me.
Espen, while not a native to the region, is one of the best and most knowledgeable dog sled drivers I have ever met and we had agreed to spend the day doing some serious terrain sledding the following day.

I talked to Laali while waiting too, arranging for a move from the hostel to the “New Gerner’s” the newly build guide housing in Ilulissat for the remained of my stay.

Espen called and we both agreed that the weather forecast for the following day looked absolutely perfect, that meant that we were on for a long drive and some serious terrain riding.

Anyway, the plans confirmed I started shopping food for the following day. I also stopped by World of Greenland to say hi. World of Greenland is perhaps the largest (and leading) incoming agency in Greenland and employs some wonderful, knowledgeable and friendly people.

In general I made most of what I could with a blizzard raging outside, a smallish walk to get reacquainted with things and to get some fresh air. I completed the final planning for a photo shoot with Laali for the day after the sled ride too, before gathering all mu stuff and move from the Hotel to “New Gerner’s”.

The relocation out of the way, I had a simple dinner and a cup of chilli tea before heading straight to bed. The following day would likely be long and tough, so being well rested sounded like a good course of action.

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