What an Adventure

Whew... fair to say that we have just returned from another amazing adventure:)
Bone chilling cold, beautiful beyond words and absolutely amazing.

My passion for Greenland and the arctic regions in particular is probably stronger than ever right now.

Now what is left is to proof read the travel log and to process the images from this adventure, so stay tuned for a new travel log - this time from North Greenland and an amazing winter adventure.

a room with a view


  1. Can't wait..... taps fingers..... come on.... come on............

  2. Lloyd,
    I am working on it... just finalised the basic processing, so I am getting there:)

  3. This image is a nice tease Thomas. I understand the time involved with shorting out a trips shots. I will patiently wait. :)

  4. Thank you LaRee.
    Both the patience and the compliment is much appreciated.
    I am through the RAW stage, still have metatagging and final editing to go through.