Qaanaaq, Siorapaluk and Ilulissat – Here we come

Tomorrow is the day, the day where the long journey from the Greenlandic Capital Nuuk towards first Ilulissat for a night stop and the another 4 hours flight straight North to Qaanaaq.
In Qaanaaq the Small fixed wing aircraft will be parked and after a layover and some repacking we will continue North in the traditional Greenlandic style, via dog sled 4 days taking us to firstly Siorapaluk, the northernmost natural settlement in the world and from there a couple of days on sea ice and out among the traditional Inuit seal hunters and hopefully Polar Bears:) 

Weather on this day before departure is quite promising, The forecast for Qaanaaq, says sun 24 hours a day and a temperature around -20 to -30C, Arctic Spring at its best.
Today has been spend packing up equipment and photography gear,  so stay tuned for images like the one above or this one below in another couple of weeks. Alongside a travel log pinning out exactly why Greenland is such an amazing winter travel destination:)

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