Winter sunset

Sunset in the subarctic regions of Greenland is nothing short of amazing.
It is the period where daylight is something a little closer to a a couple of hours worth of golden evening light.

Something that in and on its own is worth a walk, but it gets better than that:)

Sometimes waiting until just around when the sun is about to set, find a sweet spot of your own facing Northeast and then just wait for it, because as the sun sets on a southwestern heading, the sky in the opposite directions puts on a stunning show.

Sermitsiak at Sunset

It may be chilly to sit it out, but such a display accompanied by the sound of the lice flakes cracking as the tide works its magic is part of what makes Greenland so amazing.


  1. Fantastic shot Thomas! Glad you made it through the winter unfrozen! How is the ankle coming along?

  2. Thank you Lloyd.
    On tuesday I have been off the crutches for two weeks.
    Progress is slow though, but I am following orders and probably getting there.

  3. I just love the blue, but with this peach in the sky, it is so refreshing and optimistic. So beautiful!

  4. Thank you Jill.
    A much appreciated compliment.
    The short days we have during winter can be stunningly beautiful as they give way to the night.