The East Greenland Adventure log

This post is a preface a travel log in 20 chapters, The posts are to be found cronologically below this one or via the direct links provided towards the end of this post.

The plan was to travel for roughly two weeks in the area around Ittoqqortoormiit or Scoresbysund as it used to be called in Danish.
7 days on foot and 5 by boat in what is probably the world’s largest accessible fiord system.
First stop on our tour however were four days in the mid eastern part of Greenland, visiting the main settlement Tasiilaq and one of the roughest located settlements Isortoq.
Finally we were to top of the East Coast adventure with 4 days in Reykjavik on Iceland, to get a city like comfort under our belts.

It turned out to be perhaps the most amazing journey I have taken and it held both experiences, places and people that I am unlikely to ever forget.


To all the people we met and from whom we received help on our way - Thank you.

The full imagegallery from the journey can be found by clicking here

And as promised, here are the links to the individual chapters of the travel log:
Day 1 - Nuuk-Kulusuk-Tasiilaq
Day 2 - Tasiilaq, the settlement of rain
Day 3 - The Flower Valley, Waterfalls and an afternoon run
Day 4 - Isortoq, a place out of this world
Day 5 - Tasiilaq-Kulusuk-Nerlerit Inaat-Ittoqqortoormiit
Day 6 – Ittoqqortoormiit, and a calibre 12 pump gun
Day 7 – Arrival of the mystery ship
Day 8 – Departure, an early start
Day 9 – Denmark Island, scientists and icebergs
Day 10 – The long journey to Bear Islands
Day 11 – South Cape and fog
Day 12 – Arrival at Ittoqqortoormiit
Day 13 – American Ruins and poor weather
Day 14 – Cape Tobin, Cape Sweinson and a polar bear
Day 15 – Hiking in Liverpool Land
Day 16 – The day where nothing went as planned
Day 17 – Goodbye Ittoqqortoormit – Hello Nerlerit Inaat
Day 18 – Gorgeous Nature and musk ox tracks, but no musk ox
Day 19 – Sad goodbyes and grey greetings
Day 20, 21 & 22 – Shopping, Espresso, café latte and Shopping


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