Day 7 – Arrival of the mystery ship:

Today is supposed to be the day, just after noon the Icelandic ship, we are to join for a five day cruise will arrive and mark the commencement of the most adventurous part of the trip. We know nothing about the crew or the ship itself, except that it is a sports expedition, a test for this Icelandic ship to see if they should start commercial operation and if they are about to cooperate with Nanu Travel. Louise and I will join the ship as test pilots for Nanu Travel.

We got up fairly early, went over the stuff we were supposed to bring for the trip, had a very nice müsli and cinnamon stew for breakfast and strolled by Nanu Travel to hear the latest, which was “the ship is supposed to arrive around noon” and we call you then, a further chat on females and shotguns or rifles with Karina and off I was to Pilersuisoq to shot the last bits for the trip.

We take a seat in the sun outside the hostel on small rock and for the next couple of hours we are doing nothing besides enjoying the sun and look out over the fiord waiting for our mystery ship to arrive.
At 1400 hrs we have yet to see anything that could be our mystery ship and we walk inside and prepare a lunch of black bread and eggs.

After Lunch we decide to talk an afternoon walk and allow Louise a bit more shooting practise.
We walk out past the junkyard to an area where they have huge piles of gravel, which makes sufficient barricade and allow for some safe shooting, with no risk of ricocheting round.
I set up a new target and hand the shotgun to Louise and save for a little uncertainty with the safety and reloading the shotgun, she already starts to look very good with it. And she is getting fairly accurate too. We shoot about 5 rounds before packing up.
On the way back we see a ship on the horizon, could it be the mystery ship?
We walk to the pier and see this beautiful wooden sailboat approach and she has an Icelandic flag proudly blowing in the wind. She is such a beauty and must be our mystery ship.

We walk up to a small grocery store. To walk around town with a riffle and to walk in a grocery store and up to the store clerk with a shotgun on your shoulder and ask for some milk, 25 rounds of calibre 12 and black bread, still feels a little strange.

On our way back we stop by the local hospital (Louise is an anaesthetic nurse) and here we are greeted by the local Managing Nurse named Ruth. She is most kind and provides us with a thorough tour of the hospital and an introduction to the staff. A small but seemingly full featured hospital.

We decide to dine outside the hostel in the evening sun and while doing so we are passed up, but two rather drunk elder women, barely speaking a word Danish, but very kind and very proud of Ittoqqortoormiit. A most amusing time and the kind and openhearted nature of the locals really make a huge impression on both of us.
That they confused me for being Father to Louise was easily forgiven, but made for a good chuckle:)
Jennifer, the hostel manager comes by and joins in. She is such a star.

As we have finished our dinner, Jennifer runs up and ask us to come to the Nanu Travel Office to meet the crew of the mystery ship.
We hurry down there and meet up with the crew. As we go over the route, potential dangers and underwater reefs and practicalities, it is confirmed that they are excellent sailors, kind and have a good feel for the trip at hand.
The ship will set sail at 5 the following morning, thus we hit back pack up the last bits of gear, confirms that we are away from Saturday and will return the following Wednesday.
As we go to bed we are barely able to sleep in sheer anticipation of the adventures ahead.

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