Day 3 - The Flower Valley, Waterfalls and an afternoon run:

We woke up late on this Monday morning and had a look out the window. A moderate gray, but unlike the previous mornings the window was not streaked with water. We got up, grabbed a shower and a quickish breakfast. Before starting the day with a visit to the "big" supermarket in the Settlement, like in all settlements it is called "Pilarsuisoq" and is part of the KNI Group. The lower floor had groceries and food and we found it fairly well stocked, or at least better stocked than expected.
Only the Fruit and Veggie department lived up to the settlement reputation, a total of 5 oranges and 4 water melons in that area, the latter priced at just above 10 EUR.

Having done our shopping we strolled back home through town, donned hiking boots and in my case grabbed a camera bag and hit the road. Our destination was the Flower Valley and the lakes and waterfalls behind the settlement.
Now as we left town, a local shouted us off a dog yard that we unintentionally was about to walk into, the trail led us past the most gorgeously located cemetery and a moment later we were in the area called Flower Valley.

The area itself is fairly small and by Greenlandic standards extremely fertile. Flora is more dense and colourful than I have seen anywhere else in Greenland. However it has to be seen and judged in relation to Greenland to make sense, by most European standards it is not as fertile as I seem to describe it.
We exited the valley and followed the trail along a series of small rivers. A local family was fishing trout and apparently doing so just by plunging a hook in the river and wheel in a fish. It seemed so easy that even I would consider giving it a try.
We reached the most gorgeous little waterfall and with a gorgeous boulder right next to it.

The rock totally solid, with excellent friction, I was able to boulder a fairly difficult route 5 meters up in heavy hiking boots. I would have loved to have my climbing shoes at hand there. Best boulder I have had this year. This area has some way better than average climbing and bouldering opportunities.
I spend some time shooting images of the Waterfall and the flowers, the total lack of wind made for some excellent and normally impossible compositions.

After a while we pushed on and came to another stunning lake water pouring in over a waterfall so beautiful it looked landscaped, definitely one of the most beautiful lakes I have seen. I set up a tripod, but had to take it down as a downpour passed us. We hiked above the waterfall and stood looking at the hundreds of fish breaking the surface in the lake above the waterfall.
As the downpour stopped we walked back and I managed to set up and get my image as a light rain graced the lake, most beautiful I think.
While I messed around getting above image in the bag, Louise had a ball picking blackberries and “sortebær”.
Halfway back to the Flower Valley we sat down and talked things over, while enjoying the ever present cup of sweet chilli tea:)
We decided to hit back to the hostel, for an afternoon snack and a run in the settlement.

As we strapped on our running shoes the sun broke through the clouds setting a perfect scene for an evening run.
And what a tough 8 kilometre run, I thought Nuuk had hardened my skills in steep hill running, but Tasiilaq really made a show for the money.
The first 6,5 kilometres was only moderately tough, but as we hit the hill leading from the river outlet and towards Hotel Angmassalik and the water pumping station I was in for a challenge unlike anything I have tried running before. A pair of locals even cheered and chuckled (They seemed to think; "Stupid Dane, don't he know how steep and long this road is?")
I was ready to throw up as I rounded the water pumping station and started back downhill, while not as strenuous on my lungs it was rather difficult to maintain control while running down.
Returning to the hotel we found a rock where we rested for an hour and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset.
We hit the beds sleeping after a long and amazing day.

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