Day 2 - Tasiilaq, the settlement of rain:

Travelling is bliss and waking up in a walk in closet at 8:15, finding just enough time for a morning kiss from a beautiful woman and a brush of teeth, before breakfast is served is really an amazing way to start a new day.
The weather is not so amazing though, rain is pouring down on a morning where it was supposed to be dry and cloud cover is low enough to hide any sign of the pointy peaks around us.
Breakfast though is decent enough, drinkable coffee, freshly baked bread with jam and cheese. Topping off breakfast with a cup of sweet chilli tea is not bad either and helps us prepare for a day outdoors in rain.

Now the rain is not necessarily a bad thing. From a photographic point of view it helps create the perfect mood for the images I have planned to shoot. A blue sky and sun would not have allowed for the same images. A weather sealed DSLR and Lenses, makes capturing these images trouble free.
We dress up in Gore-tex shells from head to toe and start out from the Hostel.
Everything is wet and worn, but the images slowly start to flow. We walk passed things that looks like they were invented and used half a century ago and slowly makes our way towards on of the small grocery stores and even on a rainy Sunday they are open. I saw the most expensive water melon I have ever seen - 10 EUR.
What is not amazing is the fact that my jacket is not really weatherproof and the poncho I use as back up starting soak too.
Bad news on a rainy day, we start looking around for a new shell. Destination EastGreenland the local tourist agency has one, but not at a price I am willing to pay. We spend the first half of the day walking the settlement, taking in how life is in the more remote areas of Greenland, I feel like being set back to somewhere in the 50ies things are old and worn.
In many ways this settlements start to look more like a 3rd world country site than part of the Greenland I have seen on the west cost. However nearly everyone greets us with friendly smiles and chatter.

As the poncho begun to get soaked and take in water, we decided to do a walk up to the only real Hotel in Town the Angmassalik Hotel (Tasiilaq used to be called Angmassalik in the past).They would not allow us to dine in the restaurant as we did not stay there, but the hotel had a clothing store where i wa able to find a new hard-shell, a pleasant surprise that really saved the day.

Now dry and with a weatherproof jacket again, we walked to the grocery store and bought some food for lunch and dinner.
Back at the hostel, we prepared a quick lunch and a large pot of sweet chilli tea.

After Lunch and a nap, we donned the weatherproof clothing and hit the settlement for another rainy walk.
Highlight of the walk would have to be the 3 sled dog pups saying hi to Louise and "decorating" her new shiny yellow raincoat with muddy paw prints:)
The walk back was uneventful and rainy, but we new that there would be a pot of smoking hot sweet chilli tea waiting at the hostel and that helped the mood a lot. I had the images I intended to shoot for the day.

We prepared a light and late dinner of Pasta, frozen veggies and tomato sauce before heading the bed to the sound of heavy rain pondering the roof and windows.
Again with a smile on our faces from the adventures of the day - not to mention a prayer for better weather.

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