Day 20, 21 & 22 – Shopping, Espresso, café latte and Shopping:

Now it is hardly a surprise to anyone that if you have a female out in the wilderness for 3 weeks, then the 3 days in Reykjavik is going to be about pretty much visiting as many cafés, stores and shops as possible.

Thus a the days went with a breakfast café visit, some shopping, a café latte break on a café, some more shopping, lunch at a café, some more shopping, café latte break at a café, more shopping, dinner at restaurant, followed by café latte, heading out to get a drink or two before heading back to the hotel.
Add a weather experience which was a mix of rain and heavily overcast and we are almost there.

Now there was a couple of breaks and a little more to those days. I was dragged through an amazing amount of stores and shops , which was an interesting experience overall, some were shops I would have sworn unable to survive but in Reykjavik anything is apparently possible in that respect.
An assortment of odd second hand clothes stores just to mention on kind of store. The multitude of cafés is another kind of store, size taken into consideration Reykjavik has a huge amount of very interesting cafés, they range from the usual main stream chain cafés to small very original cafes like “the Babalú” in the image below.
That café is worth a visit just to seem the interior.

Another kind of store, but a positive surprise was a record store named “Lucky Records”. If you arrive in Reykjavik go there. The owner is a reggae enthusiast and stepping into his store is like stepping into the 80ies again. He was a great help and even got us to listen to something as unusual as Icelandic Reggae.
Simply an amazing store!

The blue lagoon was another mandatory stop on our way, hugely commercialised and way too much of a tourist trap to my taste, but none the less a great experience and it does seem to work miracles on the skin.
Stepping from the locker rooms to the lagoon was a very chilly experience, but it was great to jus float around in the very hot steaming water, as long a s one managed to navigate around the groups of loud beer drinking tourists.
That we were there on a dark, windy and rainy day made for an interesting atmosphere.
Another good point is to bring a waterproof camera, I dropped the big camera rigs for a small waterproof point and shoot from Pentax, and it turned out to be great to be able swim around without having to worry about the camera.
The blue Lagoon is definitely worth a visit and very easy to find – Just follow the trail of turists.

Reykjavik turned out to be a great addition and contrast to the rest of the trip and we thoroughly enjoyed both the nightlife and the feel of being in an urban environment again after a time away from it.

We were both quite and sleepy on our flight back to Nuuk and we both agreed that East Greenland and Iceland will be on our travel list again.
In fact the experiences we had are still being digested now nearly half a year after we set out and that is perhaps the best sign of a great journey.

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