Day 19 – Sad goodbyes and grey greetings:

We got up early pack up the last stuff into the bags and get ready to move out of the far from cozy accommodation called the Hilton.
It was our last day and we were both very eager to get the most from it, but we only had like half a day left in this arctic wonderland. Thus we decided during breakfast to walk to the junk yard do some target practice with the shotgun and put the additional slugs we bought in Ittoqqortoormiit to good use.

The walk out there was as beautiful as always, weather was perfect and we did not have a lot of other things to do thus it became a pleasant walk just taking in the stunning desolate surroundings and enjoying the silence.

At the junk yard we spend a couple of hours doing target practice, before all the sudden we become aware of the scenery behind us, the most amazing clouds had showed up, we just stood there seeing this huge twisting cloud formation form and disappear again.

One of the Airport workers arrived, an Icelandic guy and we chatted for a while – mostly about Reykjavik, the destination of our flight. He was a great guy and provided quite a bit of useful information.
Both on where to shop and what the nightlife in Reykjavik is like, something we looked forward to at this point.

We walked back to the Airport and enjoyed our lunch there, we got our bags and ourselves checked in for the flight to Reykjavik. Not long after we start to see people we have met in Ittoqqortoormiit during our stay there arrive by helicopter, all there for a trip to Iceland and quite a few to destinations way further out.

It is first as we board the two hour flight to Reykjavik, we get the first sense of just how deeply the time spend in this area has touched us. A feeling that will prove to grow over time and we both spend the flight in almost total silence just reflecting over what an amazing journey we have been on. As we get close to reykjavik we start contemplating getting back to civilization.

Arrival in Reykjavik spells heavy rain and little else. We walk through the terminal, pick up our bags and walk out the door, where we are greeted by two very welcome and almost forgotten things - sidewalks and cabs at the curb, not to mention the existence of paved roads.

We are driven through the rain and to Hotel Björk, a smallish average hotel, located within walking distance of the city center. Dinner is taken care of at a wonderful café in the center of Reykjavik and after that we are drawn back to the comfort of a bathroom with running water, real toilets and a clean shower.
After which we promptly falls asleep in the very comfortable bed.

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