Day 16 – The day where nothing went as planned:

Waking up this Sunday morning was not exactly amazing.
While the sky looked moderately blue, wave showing teeth rippled the surface of the entire fiord and they looked big enough to cancel the trip Cape Brewster we had planned for the day
Being optimists, we still packed for the day, had our usual breakfast and went to the pier to meet Marius our boat driver. He met us at the pier only to tell us that the waves were too big for it to be safe to cross the fiord and that he would come by the guest house later if the weather cleared up.
We accepted the ATV ride back to guest house and settled with a good book in the sun.
With no change in weather around noon, we left a message saying that we would be touring the settlement for an hour or so.

We walked down to the Settlement Church first, a beautiful wooden church, which unfortunately was not open for visitors and no one seemed to be around to provide us with an opportunity to take a look.

Thus we walked around the Settlement a little, talking about a few exhibition idea and book options.
Most of it influenced by both the time spend in Greenland in general and in particular by the time spend in Ittoqqortoormiit, as the place really seemed to have grown into both of our hearts.

By the time we got back and had had our Lunch it was a little after three in the afternoon and a call to Marious confirmed that we would have to cancel the trip for the day.

Thus we packed a bag and decided to walk towards “Predator Gull Lake”.
However, it seemed a day where nothing would go according to plan, because, just as we left town and crossed the big river delta, Louise slipped on a slick rock and got soaked on both feet to her knees by the freezing cold river water.
 She decided to play hardball and still do a loop to the next river delta and via the telecom satellite back the guest house, she really was tough considering how cold her feet must have been.
The rest of the walk was completed without accidents and as we unloaded before walking into the settlement we decided, just to walk home and that I would be the one making the dinner this evening while Louise got some warmth and life back into her very cold feet.
Dinner was minced meat steaks, rice and veggies – nothing fancy really, but a good basic Danish meal.

After dinner Louise walked to Therecie and Eric’s place to pick up her custom made seal fur and polar bear fur mittens, they were beautifully made and very unique to look at. It really was a good decision to let Therecie us her experienced and skilful hands to craft these mittens. She is a real artist and a wonderful person.

We hit the bed after a day where nothing really turned out as planned, but given how content we felt going to bet, it was just another proof that a day not according to plans can be a great day too :)

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