Day 15 – Hiking in Liverpool Land:

We woke up fairly early this day and spend the first half and hour making sure that we both had come to the same conclusion about the Polar Bear fur. We both felt that it would be wrong not to buy it for quite a number of different reasons. One it was an animal shot under the allowed quota for the area, it was a self defence shooting, If not sold it might end up being chopped to pieces and sold in small pieces, as the young hunters family would not be able to afford keeping it. Finally it was an amazingly fine fur.

After breakfast we packed up our Camera bag with what we would need for a day in the mountains and made a qucikish stop by Therecie and Eric’s place to say happy birthday to Eric.
Eric was very pleased that we remembered his birthday and thankful for us stopping by. We ran into Marius as well and he was very pleased to hear that we accepted his offer and were willing to buy the fur.
We agreed for him to pack it up for shipment and we would exchange money and ship the fur to Nuuk the following Monday when the postal office and banks would be open.

 As we left we turned our shoes to the North and set off towards the water lake about 3 kilometres north.
It was a very relaxing and pleasant walk along side a beautiful river and with various small ice fields running into the small lakes feeding the river.
As we walk up to the beautiful water lake we understand why this route was recommended. It is a fairly large lake and fed by a medium sized ice field with some gorgeous mountains behind it. The view is only slightly spoiled by the fact that they are readying the drain pipes for winter and thus a bit of construction work being visible.
We decided to do our first tea break overlooking the lake and the ice field and it is a most peaceful moment in time for both of us.
From here we turned west towards the east face of Gull Mountain as we reach Gull Mountain we are greeted by the most gorgeous terraced waterfall leading a river from the mountains alongside Gull Mountain and into a lake on the south face.
After a bit of fun bouldering on the gorgeous granite boulders, I spend quite some time finding a few useful compositions here, while Louise enjoys another tea and sun break.

As we move on from here we enters a huge granite boulder field, a long and fairly narrow field of boulders in sizes from a child’s foot to a one family house and cut by 2 meter deep and by this time a year dried out melting water rivers. Here and there small ice fields are still feeding the river running alongside Gull Mountain or underneath the boulder field.
Walking it was an amazing experience that opens into a gorgeous lake feed by the river and a near vertical icefall from the Peak of Gull Mountain.
From the lake it is the very familiar, but always beautiful walk along the ATV track from Walrus bay to Ittoqqortoormiit.
Words seem to ring a little hollow describing how amazing this short 12km hike is. It gives a fairly decent picture of the mountainous area around Ittoqqortoormiit. Be aware though that as the mountains here are almost pure Granite, it makes for generally loose foothold and a huge mount of loos rocks everywhere in pretty much all sizes.

Dinner got slightly delayed and was the remainder of the musk ox soup prepared the a couple of days earlier, but the two days in the fridge only made it even more tasty than the day it was cooked.

We hit the bed content and with another amazing day under our belts. Not sure how to describe it, but I realised as I went to bed that I had completely lost track of time and my only focus being the adventure as it unfolds in front of me. An amazing feeling and opportunity.

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