Day 13 – American Ruins and poor weather:

We woke up late, must have needed the long sleep and we both feelt well rested. Louise was still a bit nauseous from the five days at sea, but that aside we felt like human beings again:)

While Louise prepares a grand breakfast of hot müsli stew and sweet Chilli tea, I make a couple of calls to make sure that the flight can be cancelled. It turns out that it can and that we can confirm plan for the rest of the stay with Nanu Travel. The news makes for a cheerful breakfast or brunch actually as we are close to noon.
A shower and some clothes later we are on our way to Nanu Travel to confirm our plans for the stay.
Karina is quite happy that we now have a plan and even let us bring the rented shotgun with us to constable point. We just have to put it on a helicopter back to Nanu Travel before we board the flight to Reykjavik.

A quick stop at the Supermarket to buy what we need for a musk ox soup for dinner, in this particular case, onion, rice and potatoes (they have no carrots here) along with a Heineken to supplement dinner.
Dinner is going to be a real treat on this fine Thursday.

Back at the guesthouse we pack up the camera bag, with camera gear, thermos with hot chilli tea and a snack.
The objective of the afternoon hike is to see the ruins of an American World War II weather station and to take a look at the boulder field we will have to cross on the hike planned for Saturday.

The ATV track towards Walrus Bay is familiar by now, as is the habit of loading the shotgun as we walk out of the settlement. As we reach Walrus Bay, we follow a sketchy trail of weatherworn wood and rusted up junk towards the site of the old American weather station. I am a bit put off by the amount of old rusted up steel junk lying around and as we get close to the weather station things only gets worse. By the time we arrive, I am down right upset by the mess left behind. The old weathered wood I can handle, but a huge amount of old steel rusted up steel junk of all sorts including a vast amount of gasoline barrels, an old stove and a heating oven, just left here to rust up and pollute some of the most serene nature I have ever seen. Why can’t people just take out their trash when they decide to go home?

It makes me wonder if they have poured out huge amount of gasoline in the small ponds and lakes to kill mosquitoes, as it has been done in Kangerlussuaq, polluting large areas of the fragile arctic environment.

However if you are able to get over the issues above it is an interesting area to visit. And makes for a look into how life was in the area around World War II.

From there we walk along side the front of Gull Mountain, past a small lake and into one of the rougher boulder fields I have seen in a while. After a good bit of walking around in there, weather seems to get worse and the clouds starts to engulf the mountains around us, why we decide to have seen enough to time the hike planned for Saturday.
We slowly walks out towards Walrus bay again, as we enter the bay we find a nice rock, that looks almost purpose made the two of us to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of sweet chilli tea and a snack.
From there it is the familiar walk along the ATV trail to the Settlement, unloading the shotgun and the last wlak to the guesthouse to prepare a delicious musk ox soup for dinner.

Dinner is quiet and relaxed, we are both a bit tired and decide to go pack up what we need for Fridays boat trip and then get to bed a little early

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