Day 12 – Arrival at Ittoqqortoormiit:

Woke up at around 0900 hrs only to find out that weather is poor and that we have a strong headwind and big waves coming in from the front. The excellent Icelandic stew served for breakfast really was welcome positive addition to the day.
In many ways it is a race against time and poor weather, because 3 of the crew members needs to catch a plane to Iceland in order to make room for a skeleton crew to run the ship on its journey back to Iceland.
Not to mention that Ruth, Louise and I would very much like to get off in Ittoqqortoormiit, we do not have a plane to catch though:) thus our schedule is not under pressure in any way.

I Spend most of the time in the bunk, catching up on the sleep I did not get during the night, as does anyone but the crew needed to run the ship on its engines. An hour from the Settlement we realise that we will not arrive in time for the airplane and a high powered motorboat arrives to take the 3 crew members to the airplane.

An hour later we arrive in Ittoqqortoormiit and we say our goodbyes, exchange business cards and greetings.
An amazing cruise has come to an end and we are so full of impressions and feelings from the trip that it is har to imagine that we are only halfway through the adventurous journey on the Greenlandic East Coast.

We walk straight to the Nanu Travel Office for a chat with Karina and Martin about the rest of our stay and fine tune the plans. After a long chat about the cruise and our experiences we start the planning.

We decided on a hiking day in the local area the following day, a boat trip to Cape Tobin on the Friday, along with dinner at Therecie and Eric’s place, followed by a visit to the see the local bar.
The weekend will be with hiking on the Saturday and a boat trip to Cape Brewster on the south side of the fiord on the Sunday.
Monday we will jump on a boat to Nerlerit Inaat and spend two days hiking in Jamieson Land out of Nerlerit Inaat.
Only uncertainty to be ironed out is the cancellation of the Helicopter flight we had originally booked from Ittoqqortoormiit to Nerlerit Inaat, but a phone call to Air Greenland the following day should be enough to settle the matter.
We are both very pleased to have the rest of the stay planned out and after having enjoyed a stunning moonrise and sunset in one, we swiftly walk towards the gust house and the awaiting shower.
Words cannot describe how good a shower feels after five days of adventure and after the show and a quick dinner we have the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful moonrise before go to sleep in big warm bed, another very nice experience after 5 days on a wooden bunk with barely any mattress.

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